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Behind the Story

The Five Enchanted Mermaids

celebrate diversity in our world and the

belief that each child deserves to have a mermaid that

looks like them.  Through their individual personalities and traits,

they weave stories that help teach skills for children in this age group.

The idea for the Five Enchanted Mermaids was born to provide a fun but educational

backdrop for girls aged 3 to 7 years.  The characters address emotional skills (making

friends, resolving conflicts, coping with change, making their own choices and “being

good people”) and educational skills (learning to read, the alphabet, counting, symmetrical shapes, time, value of monetary coins/notes) that are

important at that age in the development of young girls.

The stories use each of the diverse mermaids as a role model for

behavior and values. 

LifeMadeSimple and acclaimed children’s book author, Lois Petren,

are collaborating to provide a series of books, party accessories

and other appropriate items to support these goals. 

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