Tales of the Five Enchanted Mermaids

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Now available in hardcover format

She loves the color red, has a best friend that’s a dolphin and loves to tell the truth!


Sofia also loves to help young children understand why honesty is important and learn how to be honest in the things they do and say.  Sofia speaks directly to the young child about why children lie. She weaves these basic reasons into stories where a situation unfolds regarding honesty. Then, she offers two outcomes – happy and unhappy – that are possible results of each of the situations.


These illustrate in a tangible way the consequences of each choice the child makes and are great conversation starters between the adult and child.

Also available in Spanish as Conoce a las sirenas Hola, soy Sofía

Now available in hardcover format

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She loves the color purple, has a best friend that’s an oyster and has a very independent streak!


Zari helps young children learn new skills to develop their independence. In this book she covers a wide range of tasks and activities that are appropriate for young children to learn to do. 


Zari speaks directly to the young child about different things they can learn to do for themselves. She covers various options, from clean-up projects around the house, personal hygiene, to feeding the dog, helping with mealtime prep and social interactions at school. There’s even a place for the reader to add new items to their own list.

Also available in Spanish as Conoce a las sirenas: Hola, soy Zari

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It’s the day before Sally’s first day of school and she’s anxious about the new school and meeting new classmates. She doesn’t know anyone and is worried that no one will like her.


The Five Enchanted Mermaids come to the rescue and help Sally with a plan for first day success! Each mermaid has a special skill to teach children to handle their feelings. With their guidance, Sally learns ways to calm her fears and ensure that she has a great first day.  Her teacher, Miss Molly, helps smooth the path by working with the existing students on ways to make a new schoolmate feel welcome.

Also available in Spanish as El primer día de escuela de Sally

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It’s Miss Molly’s birthday and she has a big surprise planned for all her students. Of course, it involves the Five Enchanted Mermaids.


You’re invited to come along for the fun! The Five Enchanted Mermaids tell the class about interesting customs that are used to celebrate birthdays in various countries all around the globe. Then, they have a big party and everyone gets to sample some of the treats from those places. It’s the best party ever!


Join in the fun and don’t forget to say: “Happy Birthday, Miss Molly!”

Also available in Spanish as ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Maestra Molly!

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Otto the octopus works through his frustrations as he learns to use blocks to build a house, with assistance from the Mermaids.  Each Mermaid helps him tackle one aspect of the challenge and come up with several possible ways to solve it.  The format of this book acts as a conversation starter and makes it easy to transition into a real world discussion about additional solutions your child may have.


With the book’s charming and lighthearted illustrations, you and your child will know exactly how Otto is feeling as he works through the process and then eventually reaches a successful outcome.

Also available in Spanish as ¡Puedes hacerlo!

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Color with the Five Enchanted Mermaids in this fun-filled coloring and activity book.  Learn about their magical world and their special skills for teaching lessons about kindness, patience, courage, self-esteem, and self-reliance.

Cute coloring pages feature the five Mermaids and all their underwater friends.  Activity pages include counting, matching, mazes and so much more.

Makes a great party favor and stocking stuffer.