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Meet Anna, the kindest of the Five Enchanted Mermaids. Her favorite color is green, and her best friend is an octopus!


In this delightful story, Anna is on a mission to spread the word to all children about the importance of kindness. She visits Miss Molly’s School and talks to the students about “kindness in action” and being kind to our planet, each other, and to ourselves. She’s so passionate about it that she has created a club called “Kindness Kids” and invites the students to help her find kindness in action and learn from it.


The students search for kindness in action and report what they find to Anna and Miss Molly. To celebrate all these great examples, the class creates a display showing pictures of the students who exhibited kindness.


With its sweet illustrations and simple text this book is a great way to open a conversation between adult and child about ways we can all show kindness to each other.

Anna Spanish
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