Meet the Mermaids

The Five Enchanted Mermaids live in a magical undersea world called Atargatis. Each mermaid has a unique background and together they travel the seas of their world making new friends who they can help.


Each of them also has a special magical skill that they use to help their friends solve problems.

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Lois Petren - 4PNG-01 Zari.png

Zari – Independent

If anyone is unsure about how to try something new, they know that Zari will find ways to help them feel more independent and self-reliant.

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Lois Petren - 2PNG-01 Anna.png

Anna – Kind

If anyone says an unkind word, you can be sure that Anna will step up and explain why kindness is so important and suggest ways to be kind to each other.

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Lois Petren - 5PNG-01 Sofia.png

Sofia – Honest

When someone has a hard time telling the truth, they know that Sofia will find ways to help them explain what happened in an honest and supportive way.

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Lois Petren - 1PNG-01 Emily.png

Emily – Courageous

If a friend has to do something that scares them, they talk to Emily, who helps them be brave and overcome their fears to succeed at whatever they are trying to do,

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Lois Petren - 3PNG-01 Jenny.png

Jenny – Confident

When anyone doesn’t feel confident they ask Jenny, who knows how to help them believe in themselves.