How to Have a Virtual Mermaid Party

As the days go by, even though there is some easing of the “lock-down” restrictions, it seems unlikely that your children will be able to return to school or have the types of parties that they have enjoyed any time soon.

On the other hand, now is not the time to just give in and revert to watching TV and playing video games. Now is the time to be innovative and use available technology to simulate a party - but in a virtual setting.

We have a great solution for you! You can throw a virtual mermaid party (either birthday or generic), with help from the Five Enchanted Mermaids!

The trick is to include all the elements that you would in a normal party setting:

  • Plan a date and time that will work for your child and her friends. While a normal party can last for several hours even for a toddler, a virtual party should not run for more than half an hour to one hour.

  • Send out invitations as you normally would.

  • Buy or make some decorations so you can display a colorful backdrop on the screen for the virtual party. Your child’s friends may also wish to have their own decorations as well. (A pre-party activity might be to ask each participating family to create their own festively decorated backdrop.)

  • Use Zoom or a similar videoconferencing application to enable each attendee to have part of the screen. It is probably best to limit the virtual attendees to 8-12.

  • Plan out a set of activities – games, singing songs, viewing a short video together.

  • And then, food and cake! Why not send out a parcel to each attendee in advance with some birthday or other party cake, cupcake or cookies and some tasty and nourishing foods. The moms can distribute these on cue over the video stream.

  • Finally, a party treat. Again, this can be sent out in advance for the moms to distribute at the end of the party.

For more details, click here and we’ll send you the full Planning Guide. If you would like to buy Five Enchanted Mermaids party decorations (which will make it easy for you to decorate that backdrop), or other gifts, click here to access a 20% off coupon when purchasing any of our Five Enchanted Mermaids party and gift products (excludes books).


The Five Enchanted Mermaids, a group of very cute, multiethnic mermaid friends that roam the make-believe world of Atargatis, celebrate diversity in our world and the belief that each child deserves to have a mermaid that looks like them. Through their individual personalities and traits, they weave stories that help teach inclusion and social skills for children in this age group. The idea for the Five Enchanted Mermaids was born to provide a fun but educational backdrop for girls aged 3 to 7 years. The characters address emotional skills (making friends, resolving conflicts, coping with change, making their own choices and “being good people”) and educational skills (learning to read, the alphabet, counting, symmetrical shapes, time, value of monetary coins/notes) that are important at that age in the development of young girls. The stories use each of the diverse mermaids as a role model for behavior and values. Click here to start your visit on our website and see the footer for links to our social media sites.

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