Resolutions for 2021 from the Mermaids

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone. The lock downs, the physical separation from friends and family together with economic impact of Covid-19 have made life for many incredibly stressful. Parents have been juggling work, with childcare, with teaching their children at home while schools have been closed. Children, especially in their formative years (3 to 7 years) have probably felt their parents or guardians’ stress.

2021 seems to hold the promise of a better time, although vaccines will not be available for all, for many months and the winter surge of cases and deaths will continue through the holidays and well into the new year.

However, as 2021 progresses, we can hope that the world will start to return to more normal times.

In our Five Enchanted Mermaids books, our author Lois Petren uses the stories to teach children in a fun but educational way through the examples and words of the mermaids. The books are great conversation starters for parents and grandparents and sometimes children will happily listen to what their favorite mermaid says whereas they might resist their parent’s words!

With that in mind, and given the year 2020 has been, we asked the Five Enchanted Mermaids what their New Year resolutions were for 2021.

Here's what they had to say. Perfect to share with your children!

And our New Year’s resolution is to keep developing and growing our multiethnic Five Enchanted Mermaids brand focusing on diversity, ensuring that every child has a mermaid that looks like them, as well as providing parents with great conversation starter tools.

The Five Enchanted Mermaids family wishes you and your families a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2021!

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