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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Over the past year, the Five Enchanted Mermaids books and product set have expanded and now offers a lot of choice for those little girls who love mermaids.

We asked the two founders of the Five Enchanted Mermaids what their favorites are.

Lois (Author)

I guess I'm a bit predisposed toward the books, having written them!

This year we started a new series – “Meet the Mermaids” – and plan to have a book devoted to each of the mermaids. Two books were completed in time for the holidays – “Hi, I’m Zari” and “Hi, I’m Sofia”. I love these books and highly recommend them for holiday gift-giving. The Five Enchanted Mermaids are unique in their diversity of ethnicity. Zari is an African American mermaid and Sofia is a Latina mermaid. Our overall philosophy is one of inclusivity and we work to show that in our books.

We insert into the books valuable childhood development lessons for the child – sort of like sneaking veggies into the pasta sauce. Zari is our independent mermaid, so her lesson is about all the new and exciting things a toddler can try as they begin to gain independence. We show lots of racially diverse children engaging in activities relating to household chores, personal hygiene and the like. Sofia is a very honest mermaid. She shows the child what happens when the child makes a mistake they may not admit to and describes various alternative solutions, depending on whether the child selects the happy or unhappy solution. These books are great additions to home and school libraries. They're all available in Spanish, as well.

We have also published the Zari book in hardcover format, which is becoming a collector's item. This is available on its own or in a bundle with the new Zari doll.

Jackie (CEO)

When I personally give gifts, I like to find something that is unique, affordable and is going to thrill the recipient! All our products have been designed with those thoughts in mind. We want to absolutely thrill that little girl age 3 to 7 who simply LOVES mermaids! We also wanted to ensure that every little girl has a mermaid that looks look her. That was the philosophy behind creating the five multiethnic Enchanted Mermaids in the first place!

It makes me so happy when we receive a review, and we see that we have succeeded.

We just launched three new products featuring Zari, our African American mermaid: an 11-inch plush doll, a hardcover version of the book “Meet The Mermaids; Hi, I’m Zari” and a bundle of the two, a Zari book and doll set. I love the book and doll set! The Zari doll is a great replica of Zari from the book and comes in a gorgeous plush storage bag. The hardcover book is a great quality and the illustrations are so bright and colorful. The combination of the two I think is fabulous and enables hours of role playing! This would be my absolute favorite!

I also picked this product as my favorite as our first review was 5 stars and the purchaser said “The girls (4 & 6 years old) LOVED these mermaids and the book!.

In my mind this was exactly the reaction we wanted to elicit and the fact that LOVED was upper case to me implied that we really did succeed thrilling these little girls. That’s a great feeling, made my day and is to me what it is all about.

So the winning favorites are: The Zari doll, the hardcover Zari book or the bundle of both!

Why don’t you check out our range of gifts here. We would love to know your favorites and why.


The Five Enchanted Mermaids celebrate diversity in our world and the belief that each child deserves to have a mermaid that looks like them. Through their individual personalities and traits, they weave stories that help teach skills for children in this age group.

The idea for the Five Enchanted Mermaids was born to provide a fun but educational backdrop for girls aged 3 to 7 years. The characters address emotional skills (making friends, resolving conflicts, coping with change, making their own choices and “being good people”) and educational skills (learning to read, the alphabet, counting, symmetrical shapes, time, value of monetary coins/notes) that are important at that age in the development of young girls.

The stories use each of the diverse mermaids as a role model for behavior and values.

LifeMadeSimple, LLC and acclaimed children’s book author, Lois Petren, are collaborating to provide a series of books, party accessories and other appropriate items to support these goals.

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