What People Are Saying About Us

“Loved this set! I have both black and white daughters, so it was fun to find something that represented both of them.”

-Kelly H

"As a parent and teacher, I’m always looking for resources that are both fun and educational. “Five Enchanted Mermaids” checks off both boxes.

Activities are engaging and useful.  Illustrations are clear and sized well.  Paper weight handles markers and gel pens beautifully.

Most importantly, the Mermaids talk about social-emotional skills. Reading it with my kids sparked meaningful discussion about using those skills at home, in school and beyond.  I highly recommend “Five Enchanted Mermaids” and look forward to seeing more of them!"

- Molly-O

"I recently purchased the Five Enchanted Mermaids for two of my granddaughters for Christmas. They both very much enjoyed learning about mermaids, their backgrounds and personal stories. Our 5 yr old kindergartener especially loved the activities, which were age appropriate and learning and spelling the mermaids names; while our first grader was fascinated by their individual qualities which prompted much discussion about her own life, talking with me about her own thoughts and worries and how they relate to each mermaid's special magical skill. It's a great bargain and I highly recommend it, it would make a great party favor gift !

- Joyce

Just used this yesterday for my daughter's 6th birthday. The colors are vibrant and I love that the mermaids are multicultural. My daughter's friends are diverse so it was nice to host a party with images of mermaids that they relate to. The balloons are a slightly different material than the typical balloon. Worked fine and were bright. Really sweet party pack and love that it comes in a carrying box. The carrying box is nice if you are planning on having the party at another location. The table cloth was very thin, clingy plastic. I was fine with it. It stayed in place, was a great background to the party plates. I also scattered little sea shells on it to add to the ocean vibe.

 - Holly